Pay-based Services are not the Only Chance to Listen to Music

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A large quantity of people prefers to enjoy their favorite songs legally and with all conveniences. The up-to-date music libraries based on artificial intelligence system provides you with any content you can or couldn’t think of – but where is the catch?

In the year 2003, Steve Jobs said that music streaming services are not exactly what people need. However, the invisible hand of the market has put everything into place: now this way of listening to music is the most popular and widespread.

The downsides of streaming services

The popular music sources such as Spotify, SoundCloud and Tidal allow playing songs on your smartphone, tablet or laptop 24 hours a day online, without the need to download it on your device.

However, not all music lovers around the globe have the same budget and priorities. Most of the services mentioned above require a subscription fee, and the free version of them has a list of limitations – low bitrate, no offline access, an obligation to watch ads.

In case of Spotify, for example, upgrading to the full payment-based version means two times higher bitrate, commercials removal and the opportunity to listen to songs offline.

A more practical option

Nevertheless, for those who do not have too high demands, it’s enough to be able to easily find this or that track and be able to listen to it in high quality and download to your device. Doing all of that for free is quite a nice bonus, and is a website that offers to Internet users all of that.

It’s not a global social network yet, but it and adds-free service that works without delay and serves its purpose and requires no payment.

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