The stress and boredom are two main foes of long-term sexual life

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Have you ever wondered why some women seem like a sexual magneto for men when other girls can’t get men’s attention despite all of their efforts? It seems like men just overlook these women. Some women suffer from the lack of men’s attention. And it is especially true when we are talking about long-term relationships. The vast majority of long-term couples are facing sexual problems.
The stress is a major cause that affects women sexual life

We should state that it is a matter of time in which these problems will start affecting the quality of a relationship. Most women are inclined to put all responsibility for a quality of sexual life on their men. But it is not exactly the case. Nowadays a lot of women are suffering from lack of sexual desire. The reason for that is quite the same as for men. According to scientists, women facing everyday challenges that cause a high level of stress. And the stress causes a libido to decline. Thankfully this problem doesn’t have a significant impact on female sexual life anymore. With an appearance of lady Viagra on market women have finally received full control on their libido. From now on the ability to control the sexual desire is not men’s privilege anymore.

The role of boredom in women’s libido decline     


Another important factor affecting couple’s sexual life is a routine. In my opinion, the routine has the most devastating effect on the sexual life of long-term couples. We should admit that time could kill any even most strong relations. Partners start to take each other for granted with time. They are not willing to impress or seduce each other anymore. The relationships become boring. Most of the women are eager to take actions in their struggle for revitalizing their relationships but simply don’t know what to do. The main rule in these circumstances is to make the beloved one craving for sex. To reach this goal a woman should understand it is her nonverbal signals awaken man’s interest. So, if a woman wants to receive an attention of her partner she should awaken her own sexuality first. And when she will be full of desire her man won’t miss this clue and will start to act.

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