New Features in Mineralt – Browser Javascript Mining

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Cryptocurrency mining via your own platform sounds attractive, doesn’t it? Website administrators who have already tried it don’t want to make a step back. Mineralt gives this opportunity for everyone and, what is more important, the developers are following the trends so their product becomes only better. Let’s look at the recent features they’ve integrated.

New coins for mining

As it is said on the website, you can get the payout in any type of currency. In April the developers extended the list to Sumo and Nicehash. Now every user has a suitable coin. Don’t forget that you get the money in 1 day and the lowest payout is only $5.

Personal domains

How many troubles there are because of Adblock, this program really influences on your profits. Mineralt has a new feature which helps to avoid being blocked and earn up to 50% more. Your custom domains can be used for script operating and it means we’ve got rid of one more problem.

The performance improvement

The developers are working on their program continuously and as a result, many bugs are removed. Now Mineralt works much faster and, according to this, you boost the incomes.

Opened JS API

You don’t like such programs because nothing depends on you? Not in this case. Manage the script operating by regulating the CPU load, turning the script on and off and observing the hash rate.

Start using Mineralt if you don’t earn enough on ads and popups. It’s simple to integrate the script to your platform and to change the settings. Stay tuned to get more updates.

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