How to Protect Your Anonymity on The Internet Using Bestmixer

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Being anonymous on the Internet seems to be impossible nowadays. All information is open and easy for finding. A lot of cryptocurrency owners think they are hidden from government’s and cybercriminals’ eyes but it’s an illusion. For personal data protection and safety Bestmixer was created. We’ll introduce you to its features and find out what makes it one of the best services for mixing.

The principle of working

Bestmixer is based on the same mechanism which other programs offer. It mixes your coins with other random currency taken from clients and investors. During the process you don’t give anyone the name, only an address you want to send cryptocurrency to. The service creates a temporary income address for clients for returning the money. Everything is deleted after the transaction is finished, in 24 hours there won’t be any evidence of the mixing except for a letter of guarantee which everybody receives to prove the money sending. More info: Bitcoin mixing service

Main features

Bestmixer has three options of currency (Bitcoin, Betcoin Cash, Litecoin) and the forth will be available soon (Ethereum). Every coin has its own fee but the minimum one is the same – 0,5%. The maximum number of addresses you can send money to is 10.

What makes it the best?

All other options really point Bestmixer out of other services.
– It has three funds for mixing: Alpha, Beta and Gamma Pools. They consist of other clients’ coins, investors’ money and both of them.
– You can regulate the transfer delay and the mixing strength meter.
– Every website owner can integrate it into the platform, it’s absolutely free.
So Bestmixer is an interesting service which really provides users with safety and doesn’t take a lot of money for it.

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