Become an Expert in Cryptocurrency and Create Your Own One

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Start earning on crypto with ICO Catalog. On the website, one can know the ratings of ICOs to predict the potential profits, find everything for better understanding and create the own tokens.

If you’re new to cryptocurrency but want to make money on it, there’s a service for you. How to choose the best crypto for investing? How to add new tokens to the existing ones? Today we’ll answer these questions.

Choosing profitable coins

As there are many variants on the market, it’s hard to decide which crypto is suitable for investments. ICO Catalog, a service which contains almost 300 options, is a good source of information. On the website, one will find a rating of crypto in which they’re estimated on the following indexes: traffic, backlinks, evaluation, activity, potency, messages, and EAP. Also, you can compare them and know the dates of start and end. So this service helps to sort the wheat from the chaff not to waste money and time on doubtful coins.

Adding new crypto to the list

The website also allows users to create ico. Fill in a special form and look how your tokens bring first money. Take into account some things to become attractive for investors:
– Make a convincing White Paper. Don’t forget about defining clear project’s problems, general product description, and a full project’s technical component description.
– Create a professional video presentation. It will increase loyalty to your product.

To become more aware of news and up-to-date features read the articles posted on the website. Expert’s opinion, latest news and basic knowledge are there.

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