Van Gogh and Expressionism. Unordinary biography of unusual person.

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Biography of Vincent van Gogh is one of the most breathtaking in the art world and it is also very familiar with people: insanity, the ear, the sunflowers and his suicide. His life started in a very ordinary way, he was born in a Holland village. In his family, there were six children. Vincent’s uncle worked in a company which sold the artworks and the relative helped the young painter to study there. Then he became a good worker and was sent to business trips abroad. At that time van Gogh’s younger brother came to this company too and they started to write letters to each other.

In 1885 he painted his first “The Potato Eaters” which did not interest his contemporaries. It is a great picture where van Gogh depicted five people sitting around the table in a small room, which enlightened with a small oil lamp. It was a difficult task for a newcomer. But it was not enough for the painter. At that period of time, Vincent wanted to become a painter of peasants’ life, to draw ordinary people in their usual environment. He wanted to focus on the reality that is why there were a lot of dark colors: brown, grey and blue. Peasants’ hands were dark too, their color was the same with potato jacket.

In 1886 Vincent came to Paris, get acquainted with impressionist and it was a new era of van Gogh’s painting. He saw a lot of different colors, he tried to make a contrast using blue and orange, red and green, yellow and purple, he tried to find mixed colors to create a harmony. To understand what was this harmony about and to see what ideas came to van Gogh’s mind after that we recommend visiting, the website which collects art, where every painter has the own page and links to the famous artworks.

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